Do you like numbers, math, and money? If you are self-motivated and have good critical-thinking and communication skills, you might want to consider the dynamic field of accounting.

Accountants analyze information and communicate it to others, so they can make good business decisions. And accounting is a growing field - every business needs solid accounting expertise for budgeting, planning, and tax functions.

NHCC’s accounting program is designed for students, or small business owners, who want to work as staff accountants, accounts payable specialists, accounts receivable specialists, payroll specialists, or general ledger accountants. Our program features hands-on learning in small groups, full engagement with the language of accounting, and online learning. Some classes are offered via Classroom Capture technology to stream classes live and record them for later viewing, so that changes in work schedules, National Guard or Army Reserve duty, sick kids, or car problems will not prevent our students from accessing their classes.

Choose from the following degrees and certificates: