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Welcome Day, is an event each semester for NEW, incoming students to NHCC to get acclimated to campus, learn about classroom expectations, and to connect to resources available to you on campus.

The Spring 2020 Welcome Day Agenda will be available for download HERE - check back often!

First Year Experience, (FYE), is a program designed for ANY student who is transitioning into college. You can be a student straight out of high school; a student who decided to go to college later in life; a student who took a break, but is now ready to return; or even a student who identified something you need help with. Whatever your situation, FYE can help you achieve your goals!

Once enrolled by following the admissions steps to become an NHCC student, sign up for one of the experiences listed below!

Are you coming straight out of high school? Or are you a student who decided to go to college later in life?

First Year Experience Course
Through active learning exercises, such as group activities, guest speakers, homework planning, test-taking techniques, and more, this course empowers students to be actively engaged in their learning by understanding the culture of college and creating a plan that can be applied to any class. Many classes have a student peer leader who has already participated in the FYE class to help facilitate in-class activities, can meet outside of class to help with assignments, and/or serve as a mentor.

Are you a transfer student from another college? Or, a student who started college, took a break, but is now ready to return?

FYE Workshop Series 
During the first month of each semester there will be a series of workshops entitled  "Straight Talk" These workshops are highly recommended for all first year students, transfer students and all other NHCC students. These workshops will provide you with facts and policies at NHCC about Satisfactory Academic Progress and the consequences of not meeting these minimum academic requirements. Throughout the year, NHCC also offers various workshops about educational planning, career building, personal development, academic strategies, and more.

Additionally, during the first two weeks of class, NHCC offers tutor coach drop-ins to get you acquainted with D2L Brightspace and other resources, such as free tutoring services. You will find these services in the Library area. 

Are you undecided about your career path?  

Career Development/Career Exploration and Planning Course
In this course, students will learn about the job search process and develop effective techniques in preparing a resume and cover letter. Students will also develop networking and interviewing skills to prepare them for their job search and/or transfer to a four year college or university. 

Are you interested in getting involved in student clubs, recreational sports, the arts, and more?

Student Life
Enhance your college experience by participating in Student Life activities and making new friends. 

Unsure which experience is best for you? Make an appointment with our Advising Center for help.